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Teacher Spotlight: Mary C. Palasi, M.Ed.


Mary C. Palasi, M.Ed.
Science Educator
Tucson Magnet High School
Tucson, Arizona

This year I am teaching two topics: STEM Science & Sustainability to freshmen and Earth/Space to mostly juniors and seniors. Students are making use of CPS clickers, computer labs, cell phones and in the near future, iPads.

All of my students are trying online homework on KES.  I first learned about the website during a workshop at the University of Arizona, just prior to the start school year. It has taken some practice to both learn and get comfortable with the KES system, but the results are worth the effort.

Here are the highlights of site qualities that are rather useful:

  • The ability to use assignment dates with specific start and stop times
  • Each student can join the site on their own with a class code
  • The analysis tab allows an educator to see how long each student took with each answer, thereby demonstrating documentation of giving extra time with testing for students with IEPs. This tab also allows for a rapid summary of individual success with questions. Since more than 90% of the students are using home computers, this also meets a need for quiet testing location. Additionally, students are allowed to use computers labs in the school library and/or their local PIMA county Library for computer use.
  • The site allows me to access questions from other off campus teachers on the same topic.
  • Most recently I have invited a colleague to my KES site as a fellow instructor to assess student progress with me.
  • Finally, the ability to allow software to do all the grading, in real time, has improved my ability to monitor and adjust lessons to meet the specific need of each class.

In closing, the company has walked me through any concerns and assisted in correcting any problems. I recommend other educators give KES a try!