Welcome to YourLabs!

The YourLabs team is excited to launch our Knowledge Evaluation System!

The YourLabs Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) is a complete learning platform that gathers detailed student feedback for real-time discovery of gaps in student understanding and identification of what students know and don’t know. It assesses knowledge mastery rather than test taking mastery.  Designed to run on any device, KES is both a community driven content repository and customizable diagnostic application that makes teachers more efficient and effective.  Using YourLabs’ rich analytics and student feedback data, immediate instructional decisions can be made and students who need the most help identified.  KES is aligned with Common Core State Standards and the Technology Guidelines for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.  It delivers analytics to evaluate critical thinking, conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and problem solving ability.

KES analytics empowers teachers to make timely interventions and customize course content to optimize learning.  Students can compare their performance with their peers, view detailed solution methodologies, and the real-world concepts associated with classroom activities.  This student self-reflection and ability to take immediate corrective action via the content on KES, will help teachers better customize instruction at each step in a problem solving question, in assignments and homework, and ultimately, in the entire classroom.

Data collected by KES also allows for complex data mining and gives users the means to view, understand, and analyze multiple levels of learner data from a single problem, to a classroom, to an entire school, and all the way up to district and state. It provides administrators with data to understand common problem solving errors in their schools and misconceptions of fundamental principles in order to take action to improve instruction, teaching practice, and learning.

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